Who am I?

We all know that the question of who are we and the purpose of one’s life is always in discussion. There is no one solution. Let us try to understand step by step.

Who are we?

 Marathon Race:

Let us assume that we participated in a marathon race consisting of 10 million people. Only one person wins the race. What he will get? He may get a prize/ money/ name etc.

A similar race had taken place when we were conceived. Out of 10 million sperms, one sperm reaches the egg and impregnates. Only strong, healthy and fast sperm can win the race and get the prize of physical body and all the remaining go waste. So, the physical body we get is unique and nobody will get the same again or got earlier. This physical body may be human, animal, bird or any living physical body.

Thus, we are that unique strong sperm that got the physical body. Based on the mother side chromosome, we may be either male or female species. This is scientific explanation. The sperm which gets the body has achieved its purpose and just watches everything happening in life. We may call it I / Me / We. When the body reaches old age due to which it cannot do its purpose, the life leaves the body as the body has no further use.

The sperm that got the physical body is life or I / Me / We. Nature (GOD) has given a mini computer to all living things including ants, birds, animals and Humans. The computer for other living creatures is for very limited purposes like eating, defending, and procreating etc. However, the computer that is given to human beings is far wider purposes. The mind for the humans is very high super computer with all the ingredients. That is why, humans could control all living creatures, and can fly, swim and go to moon and come back. The physical body consists of five senses, which gather the data.  Nerves carry the information to the Mind, and the Mind does the preliminary analysis and sends the information to Super-Ego for detailed interpretation and advice. This supercomputer will be exclusive use of individual and it dies the moment life leaves the body.

The most important point is to remember that the body is very important and it is our duty to keep the body clean and healthy and operational, else, the life would go away. We should remember that we got this body after running a major marathon race and we should keep it as long and as healthy as possible. The “life or the sperm” that got the physical body is like house owner. He simply stays in the house and operates with the physical body. If the physical body is not working efficiently, it leaves in search of another body, if at all it gets the chance to get one.

The general religious books indicate that we should respect our” life” as God and there is no death to life and it occupies different bodies like we change our old clothes when they become unusable.It is not as simple as that. Even if you agree that the life can take different forms after death in to a new body, it has to run a marathon again if you have to get a physical body and you are not sure what you get if you get at all. So keep the existing body as healthy as possible to run for more time

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