What is the purpose of life

You won a marathon race and got a physical body. What is the purpose? What do you want to do?  Is there any purpose in life? Yes there is purpose in our life. See the example of a tree leaf. It provides food for the tree by combining water and nutrients from soil and sunlight from atmosphere. It contributes its might to grow the tree bit by bit season by season. When it becomes old, the leaf falls and becomes fertilizer. The young leaves start all over again.

Similarly, we are born for a purpose. The purpose is to make our contribution to the society or the world that bit so that it would take one step ahead. Your contribution is that one step. If you are not born or refuse to contribute to the world, nothing would happen to the world. Some other leaf would help the tree to grow; nothing would happen to the tree. That is why the best example is to follow the tree. So, if you are a sweeper, sweep the best way possible, so that the owners would be happy. If you are an engineer, construct a strong dam so that people can drink water for generations. That is your contribution and that is your purpose.


Follow the Tree

A tree gives fruits, shade in heat, shelter for birds, takes Carbon Dioxide and gives Oxygen and when the leaves become old and dry, they become fertiliser and when the tree is old the timber is used for housing etc by others.

What does it want in return—- Nothing! It just lives its life by making food from soil and sunlight.

Live life the natural way. Let others benefit from your life.

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