There are strong believers as against strong disbelievers in astrology. We all know that planets have influence on both living beings and non living materials. The high tides and low tides are due to the gravitation pull of moon. We do have millions of solar systems in the sky in addition to our own solar system. The planets move around themselves and around Sun due to gravitation pull and centrifugal forces generated due to rotation. But do they have influence on our day today activities or do they have influence on us on our behavior and general wellbeing over our life time and we cannot do anything other than follow the stars.

I do not believe this proposition. The stars may influence or not, but it is our self-confidence and self belief that moves us in our life and gives achievements due to us. It is our actions that control our future rather than stars’ activities.

When I was studying B.Sc final year, one palmist saw my hand and said that I would not pass B.Sc and even if I pass, it would be with great difficulty and there would be no more education for me. It is appalling as I was more interested in education and study throughout my student career. Even though, I was not brilliant like my younger brother, I used to pass all the examinations without difficulty. I got the results and I passed with no high scholarly marks. I would have searched for a job or settled in agriculture which is our family tradition. But I applied for about 20 Universities in India for M.Sc and I got admission in one of the universities. Since then, I did not look back. I could do my Ph.D and other degrees to my credit. This only shows that the Palmist may be wrong or he was indicating that my educations levels were difficult to achieve.

I had shown my daughter’s horoscope to a good and reputed astrologer before marriage as the bride groom’s father was a believer in astrology and the marriage was performed. The marriage went on rocks and not even one word of the astrologer’s predictions was true, even after so many years.

It may be possible that some of the predictions might have come true for others.

People say that there are good periods and bad periods. As we have to take decisions every day some turn with good results and some with bad results. If the results are good or bad for a continuous period, then we call it good or bad period. It happens to everyone in life some time or other. Does it mean that our stars are acting on our favor or against it? I do not believe that. Stars do their work and let us do our work in this world. We got lucky and got our only life now and we should maximize it.

The daily and yearly predictions of astrologers may be correct or may not be, we should believe in ourselves and do our work. Never leave it to our stars. When we die, stars won’t help us.

Does this means, I am not a believer. I do believe in our stars do effect our nature to the extent of about 5 %. Take guidance from the stars, if you believe and go ahead with your daily work and have self belief in yourself that you can achieve anything you want. Do not blame the stars for your failures and put in more work to achieve what you want.



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