Childhood Reminiscences and Character Indicators


Childhood is one of the best periods of one’s life. They were character building periods as well as enjoying the innocence of childhood.  Sometimes we go back to our childhood and enjoy the reminiscences of the period. A few of my childhood activities I always remember.

  • When I was about 8 to 9 years, I told my younger brothers that I could control any type of fire and stop the big fires also. So one of my younger brothers brought the match box and ignited grass mound on our backyard. I tried to douse the fire, but it was suddenly gone out of control and became big fire. We ran into the house and told our mother that there was a big fire. She immediately told my father and the people around stopped the fire. My younger brother explained the reasons behind the big fire and told our father that I could not control the fire as I told. Subsequently, I was given a big spanking and told all three of us not do such things.
  • When I was playing a stick and rod game, one of the games children play in the villages, the rod caught my eye and there was lot of blood and I was about to go blind. Luckily the rod struck just above the eye. I was taken to the local doctor and the necessary bandage and medicines were given. We were told not to play the game again.
  • When I was studying 3 or 4th class, the examinations were about to begin. The school was next to our house. I asked my mother to give 25 paisa for purchase of sweets. She refused. I threatened that I will not write the examination. She said not go to the school, but she will not give the money. The second bell has rung and the exams would start at the third bell. Again, I demanded and again my mother refused. So, I became very angry and ran to the school to write the examination. When, I returned, the sweets, I wanted to eat were ready in the house.
  • In our young days, we take arrows and bows and start fighting like Ram and Ravana and threw stones on the birds etc. In one of the incidences, I threw stones on a group of birds. Normally they used to fly away. However, this time, one of the birds was hit and when I went to see the results, I saw a bird hit by my stone and it was bleeding. I felt the agony of the bird and tried to assuage the bird and after an hour or so, the bird could fly. I was relieved. I decided that I would not through the stones again on any one. I still feel that feeling of agony when even ever I remember the occasion.
  • The school in our village is up to 6th standard only. So my parents taken us to nearby town for our further studies. My parents were there with us, while the farming operations were controlled by our eldest brother who was around 20 and married. When I was studying 7th standard, I became angry with our parents, and without telling anybody, I left to our village which is around 3 km but through a big forest. When, I reached our village, I was afraid of my father and told my elder brother everything. My sister-in-law gave me food for the day. My brother sent somebody to the nearby town to inform my whereabouts. Next day, he came with me to the town and left me there. My father did not do any with me thinking that I would again runaway. This was a great experience running through the forest, where I know that tigers were roaming in those days.
  • On the day of 7th standard final examination, I had a very big fever. If I won’t write the examination, I would lose one year. My parents told me that the loss of one year was not a great thing, and decided to go to our village till I recovered. But I refused strongly that they had to take me to the class to write the examination. I do not know how I convinced my parents. My elder brother carried me to the school and I had written the exam. I could not eat any food during the examination except two “Idlies”. That was one of my greatest achievements and even my parents and elder brothers appreciate for my great fight back to write the exam.
  • We were taught Hindi from 7th standard itself. In one of the classes, I could not reply to the queries in Hindi and I was asked to stand up on the bench. It was a great shame to me. Probably to every child. I decided that I will study Hindi completely so that nobody could question me about it. So I joined summer classes for the examinations in Hindi conducted by Dakhina Bhrat Hindi Prachara Sabha, Chennai. I continued this summer classes ever year till I competed graduation so that simultaneously I got the degree of Rashtra Bhasha Visharda. I cherish this achievement and I got a few scholar ships also for the Hindi studies. I was very fond of books from my young age, and I completely studied all the books of mythology, history, novels etc in the library by 10th
  • During my 9th standard, I used to go to tuitions to nearby teacher. There was a beautiful girl who was my class mate also attended the tuitions. In those days, boys do not speak with girls. As the tuitions are in the night from 7 PM to 9 PM, the teacher asked me to drop her in their house every day. That was a good occasion to make friends. For a few days, we did not talk to each other. But slowly we became friends. She has 3 sisters and I had 4 brothers. She does not have brothers in the house and I did not have sisters in our house. So suddenly, she started calling me brother and I started calling her sister. Our friendship grew and our family members had appreciated our friendship. We are till today brother and sister. I attended her marriage and she and her family attended my marriage. We do occasionally meet after all these years. It was a good memory.
  • In those days only, I met a girl who was my future wife. I did not tell anyone except to my younger brothers, till I studied M.Sc and eligible for marriage. In the final year of my M.Sc, I told my future brother-in-law who was my school mate that I wanted to marry his sister. So with a few hiccups, the marriage was performed.
  • There are lots of incidences such as above. As we grow old they became good or bad reminiscences and many times they are repeated to others who are bored with such reminiscences and try to avoid old people.


The child hood reminiscences broadly indicate the future character of the boy. They are broadly as under:

  • The boy is adamant and once decides, will not stop in the middle of any work.
  • Highly emotional
  • Fond of books and studies
  • Broadly against violence


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