What is my age?

It is very easy to tell one’s physical age by his date of birth. Let us say I am 73 years old. What is my mental age?

It is very difficult to tell one’s mental age.

  • When I was 21 years old, I had full of energy, ambitious, arrogant, and sky was the limit for my expectations and the things that I can do. I am willing to learn new things.
  • When I was 30 year old, I realized that I cannot do what I want. My opinions are useful but the decisions are taken by my boss. If the results are good, the benefits go to the boss and if the results go bad, I get the blame for the decisions. But still I am energetic, ambitious and will to do great things and learn new things. I am willing to take bad things along with good things. I think I matured at that time.
  • When I was 50 years old, I have got my own area of influence. I can take decisions and get the results. Get the benefit from my juniors’ ideas as well as influence my colleagues and seniors. During this period, I am very ambitious, full of energy and learn new things, fight with others, put my foot down on things I want or against it if I do not like. Willing to learn new things and still ambitious.
  • When I was 58, I still have energy and want to do something. I am interested in new things & want to learn new ideas and try to implement. But I was unhappy at the office and life in general. I came to know that I cannot change the world even though I work very sincerely. People do not bother with the work they do and pass time.
  • That is why; I had taken voluntary retirement at 58. I have no boss and no subordinate. I had no work. I have no problem with money as all my responsibilities are over before my retirement. This is the period one takes to GOD and tries to be philosophical and many become reclusive and lose their metal balance.
  • I decided that I should not be the one to take shelter in GOD. I decided to teach in the University regarding my subject and do consultancy as and when it comes. No need of money but no free work. I continue learn new things and new software in my area and full of energy as I teach young students and I had to be on my toe to answer their queries. This has helped me to keep my mental balance as well as my physical health even at 73.
  • Now what is my mental age?
  • Even now, I do not know my mental age. But, looking into the above activities, I think that my mental age is around 55-60 years. If I can keep my mental age around 60 even though, my physical age continues to increase from 70 to 80, I will be OK. The moment my mental age catches up with my physical age, I become old.
  • Why should my mental age be around 60? The only reason is at 60, you are physically and mentally fit and have full of energy to do something you want to do, and at the same time you realize what life is and that you cannot change the world.

So far I am young and my mental age is around 60, even though my physical age is around 73.

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