Quid Pro Quo

There is a saying that “whenever you help others in need, God will help you in your need”. I do not know this is a correct statement until I had a personal experience in this regard.

One day a young couple of about 40 years of age with two children of about 5 to 10 years came to our house in the village at around 2 PM. They looked very tired. He has informed me that he is an employee of a Bank and returning to their village from Hyderabad to attend a function. Their vehicle had a break down on the road near our village. He informed me that the people around the place informed him to go to our house in the village and we will help them in this regard. So he came to our house and requested me to get the car repaired so that they can proceed. The children looked very tired and hungry. I requested my wife to prepare some food immediately with whatever vegetables available in the house. Within an hour, she prepared food. In the mean while, the family had freshened themselves and ate food and took rest in the house. In the meanwhile, I send my driver to the place of breakdown and got it repaired and brought the vehicle to the house. They left our house thanking us copiously. The episode was forgotten till a similar incident occurred after 5 years.

I was working in a Central Government Organization situated in Pune. My job involved long journeys from Pune to Goa, Pune to Nanded, Pune to Nasik. Etc. When ever, there were holidays for children, I used take the family along in the jeep so that they could enjoy the trip and journey. Those were the good days. In one of the trips, near Nasik, we were held up due to heavy rains and flooding streams. It was around 5 PM and the children were  very hungry and tired due to long journey. I was wondering what to do. We were preparing to stay whole night there on the road due to flooding stream.

Suddenly, one person came to our jeep and introduced himself as an Executive Engineer of that area of R & B division of Government of Maharashtra and requested us to join him to the nearby rest house which was under construction and renovation. He said he saw that I was a Central Government Officer with children (Based on the name plate on the vehicle) and tried to help us. We went to the rest house somehow with lot of difficulty. The rest house was under renovation except one room. He asked us to stay there. He requested the cook to prepare food by evening. In the mean while we had refreshed ourselves. We enjoyed our stay at that place. The Executive Engineer refused to take any money informing us that the rest house was under renovation and there was no question of taking money till officially it was opened even for food.  In the next morning, after breakfast, we left the place thanking him.

My wife told me in the jeep how we helped a family about 5 years ago in the similar conditions and the same was repaid by God today. What a coincidence. These things do happen and we do help whenever possible without thinking and without expectations. These will be repaid in the same kind by God, in our needs.

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