Vastu Sashtra


Vastu Sashtra is an old building design manual coming from generations in India. Some of its recommendations are required to follow for well being of the families who live in the houses. However, it became a fad and the so called experts suggest and modify the walls, places where to put furniture, kitchen and even small utensils. They destroy the walls and reconstruct them in different designs. I have nothing against them. Any knowledge does not come from reading books. The knowledge comes with dedication, experience and sincere application of the knowledge one possess through books. The so called experts also indicate stringent guidelines for even flats, which is not possible to design as per Vastu which is basically for design of individual buildings.

I do have my own Vastu view of buying new house or flat. They are as under:

  • Neighborhood

When you want to buy or rent, the first thing we should see the neighborhood. We should see whether, there are any slums in the area, any polluting agencies nearby or any bad characters that disturb the local population etc.

  • Neighbor

The second most important factor is to know who is our neighbor? Is he a vegetarian, or non vegetarian, whether he is employed or business man, whether his economic status is to above or below us etc. It is always better to have a neighbor who is similar background to us.

  • House

The characteristics of house are very important, as we are going to stay in the house for a longer time. You go to the house for inspection in day time. When you enter the house, open all the doors and windows and see whether, light and wind comes and flows throughout all corners of the house. It is important that light and air moves freely in the house and there should be no dark spots in the house even in day time.

  • Vibration

Another important aspect is how the house reacts to you. Open all doors, windows and stand in the middle of the hall. Close your eyes and think of the house. Does it invite you to stay or are you getting negative thoughts at that moment. You should get positive vibrations from the house as though, it is inviting you to stay in the house.

  • As far as possible do not buy a second hand house, if you want to stay in the house.
    • However, if you have to buy the second hand house, see that the house is vacant and you will be the first person to occupy the house.
    • If it is not possible, then enquire regarding who stayed in the house earlier and their economic well being and if any deaths occurred in the house during the last two years.

Am I an expert in buying and selling houses? No! But I have seen families who were destroyed in staying in houses where there were fires, deaths, and become poorer in staying such houses.

I believe that the houses are tied up with fortunes of the people who stay there. I do not know for sure it is correct! But I do not recommend buying such houses or staying in such houses.

As far renting houses, broadly follow the suggestions in buying and do not worry too much regarding where to keep you luggage or cupboards etc in the house.

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