What is my age?

It is very easy to tell one’s physical age by his date of birth. Let us say I am 73 years old. What is my mental age?

It is very difficult to tell one’s mental age.

  • When I was 21 years old, I had full of energy, ambitious, arrogant, and sky was the limit for my expectations and the things that I can do. I am willing to learn new things.
  • When I was 30 year old, I realized that I cannot do what I want. My opinions are useful but the decisions are taken by my boss. If the results are good, the benefits go to the boss and if the results go bad, I get the blame for the decisions. But still I am energetic, ambitious and will to do great things and learn new things. I am willing to take bad things along with good things. I think I matured at that time.
  • When I was 50 years old, I have got my own area of influence. I can take decisions and get the results. Get the benefit from my juniors’ ideas as well as influence my colleagues and seniors. During this period, I am very ambitious, full of energy and learn new things, fight with others, put my foot down on things I want or against it if I do not like. Willing to learn new things and still ambitious.
  • When I was 58, I still have energy and want to do something. I am interested in new things & want to learn new ideas and try to implement. But I was unhappy at the office and life in general. I came to know that I cannot change the world even though I work very sincerely. People do not bother with the work they do and pass time.
  • That is why; I had taken voluntary retirement at 58. I have no boss and no subordinate. I had no work. I have no problem with money as all my responsibilities are over before my retirement. This is the period one takes to GOD and tries to be philosophical and many become reclusive and lose their metal balance.
  • I decided that I should not be the one to take shelter in GOD. I decided to teach in the University regarding my subject and do consultancy as and when it comes. No need of money but no free work. I continue learn new things and new software in my area and full of energy as I teach young students and I had to be on my toe to answer their queries. This has helped me to keep my mental balance as well as my physical health even at 73.
  • Now what is my mental age?
  • Even now, I do not know my mental age. But, looking into the above activities, I think that my mental age is around 55-60 years. If I can keep my mental age around 60 even though, my physical age continues to increase from 70 to 80, I will be OK. The moment my mental age catches up with my physical age, I become old.
  • Why should my mental age be around 60? The only reason is at 60, you are physically and mentally fit and have full of energy to do something you want to do, and at the same time you realize what life is and that you cannot change the world.

So far I am young and my mental age is around 60, even though my physical age is around 73.

How to Become Poor & Rich

I had seen during my life time that many rich people became very poor and poor people became rich beyond imagination. What is the reason for this? The very rich sold tea for their livelihood in the last period of their life. It is very painful to see such strange happenings. I am going to give one such example which is very personal and painful.

When I was a kid, we had lot of animals in our house and also my father was in agricultural activities.  I do not know how money comes and goes. We are supposed to be rich in the village.  We are 5 brothers and the two elder brothers have a lot of age difference with us. Our eldest sister-in-law is like our mother. I am the third. When she came to our house, I was about 5 years old. My youngest brother was born after she came to our house. We three younger brothers are like a unit and we look our elder brothers as some kind of align and awe.

Why I am writing this piece. I saw very rich people become very poor and very poor people become very rich. I want to analyze the reasons for the same and try to escape from the trap of becoming poor.

In my other elder brother’s marriage, I was around 10 years old. One person came to our house and prepared sweets for the marriage. They do not have any money even to eat regularly. By the time I was 25 years old, he became one of the richest man on our village. Why?

By the same time, my two elder brothers who were supposed to be very rich in our village, have almost lost their property and on the verge of poverty. By the time I was 35 years, they became so poor that one of them was selling Tea and other was dependent on rent on Cycle Rickshaw. Why?

The children had suffered maximum extent. But they have learnt the lesson and the art of becoming rich again. They understood that it is the education and hard work that makes people prosper.  They have made their children to study and now many of their children are M.Techs, MBAs and working in US and overcame the poverty. This is a real story of Prosperity to Poverty and back to prosperity.

I always think about this. Even though, I have not much respect for money, I have fear of money that I will also become like our elder brothers. One of my relatives told me that his father does not have Rs 10 to admit his younger brother to send to school, and somehow, he himself has completed SSLC (11th Standard) and got a job to support his father. I never expected that money can do such things.

This has made me observe people rich and poor.

The most important things about becoming poor are:

  • No respect for money in general.
  • No respect for father’s money as he does not understand the value of money.
  • No respect for work
  • No personal involvement in the work or business
  • No education
  • Repeated business involvements and starting different businesses without considering the reasons for the failure of the previous business in the first place. Everyone has a right to make mistakes. Life itself is making mistakes and correcting them. But nobody has a right to make same mistakes again and again. This results in ruin.
  • Participating in businesses without expertise and knowledge
  • Dependent on others on day to day basis and becoming a parasite.
  • No self-respect

The maximum sufferers are the children of these people. It takes about a generation to overcome poverty and come above poverty line.

I suggest that if you are not a conventional man of working and earning and want to become very rich immediately, be careful. Your deeds will destroy your family, friends and become neighborhood nonsense. You are welcome to do anything you want without hurting others. However, I am not discouraging you for starting any business as far as you know where you are going and have a genuine respect and love for money.



Government of India and all political parties shout from the house tops that they are going to eradicate poverty in India by so many years. In India, about 50 % of people get income less than 1 $ per day while almost 70 % of the population gets less than 2 $ per day per person. Only about 4.3 % people are graduates and about 30 % of the population cannot read and write. In such circumstances, how anybody can remove poverty in India? There are different definitions of poverty. If you can eat every day certain calories of food, you are above poverty line. How ridiculous!

Poverty cannot be removed with the present day definition and approach. Poverty should be turned into an aspiration Engine.

If I have a cycle and you have a motorcycle, I am poor and you are rich. If I have a one bedroom flat and you have a 4 bed room flat, I am poor and you are rich. I should be encouraged or provide opportunities to work hard and earn more money so that I can also have a motor cycle and a good house.  The definition of poverty changes continuously as and when one acquires material assets and could eat, send children to school, have money for health care and dress well and have a reasonably comfortable house.

We hear that a Domestic’s daughter has cleared IAS and a laborer’s son has cleared IIT entrance examination. The driver’s son has become an engineer and went to America for further studies and employment. These are the methods to overcome poverty.

The Government while trying to provide minimum subsidy for the needy people regarding food, health, education etc, it has to concentrate to provide

  • Quality education for all with minimum fee.
    • The Government should provide free education up to 12th
    • The cost is immaterial with the compared to subsidies in agriculture, industry etc.
    • Make higher education more employment oriented and free as far as possible if they are employment generating capabilities.
    • The study in IITs and IIMs should be more costly and provide scholarships for the needy.
  • India has largest exportable human capital like any other materials like iron ore, copper etc.
    • Set up an human export department like any other export department
    • Export people to other countries and charge 10 % of their salaries as a tax for 10 years.
    • Look after their safety and safe return if they want to.
    • Encourage them to settle in their new countries and help India in whatever manner they can by setting up schools, colleges, industries etc.
  • The major reason for poverty is uneconomic land holdings in agriculture. About 70% of people depend on agriculture and related activities in India even today. Move the people from agriculture to other activities. Provide special subsidies and grants, employment opportunities etc for the people who have less than 5 acres, so that they can move out of agriculture there by reducing the suicides due to repeated crop failures and increased burden of loans.
  • Encourage more small scale industries and employment generating industries in rural areas.
  • In the next 10 to 15 years, the village population is going to move into towns and cities in search of employment. There are going to be more slums. It is important that there should be a proper guidelines for slum maintenance instead of slum clearance as slums cannot be removed. If one slum is removed another will come up as people have to live somewhere, if they move out of villages. Each slum has to be recognized as a village and provide adequate infrastructure for water, health, dwelling etc.

The Government should work as a growth engine rather than a controlling one and provide various facilities which make people to work and earn and become rich rather than depend on doles of Government progrmmes and remain poor perpetually.

India has an opportunity with young population to supply labour to the world, provide trainers in various trades and become centers of productivity for various activities to reduced poverty not only in India but in all other countries with similar problems and issues.


Bhagavad-Gita is a Step-by Step tutorial for leading a contended and productive life. It is not the book to read after retirement or reaching old age for praying. It is a guide book for day to day life and solving your problems on daily basis. Bhagavad-Gita helps or guides you in taking decisions, whenever you are in doubt.

A brief on Bhagavad-Gita (How I Understand)

  • Bhagavad-Gita is the summary of Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads till the time of Mahabharata War. It is mainly a dialogue between Arjuna and Srikrishna in the middle of battle field regarding the necessity of fighting the injustice and follow one’s Dharma.
  • When Arjuna was depressed and dejected after seeing his friends, relatives and elders in the opposite side of the war and he had to kill them to regain the kingdom, he felt that it is better to beg and live rather than kill his relatives etc.
  • Srikrishna tells about Dharma, life and the need to do one’s Dharma and motivates him to fight for the war.
  • The basic ingredients of the Bhagavad-Gita are
  • The life is eternal and the body is replaced many times and the life cannot be killed, burnt, drowned etc. The life itself is God and is ever pervading in the universe.
  • To attain Moksha, (avoidance of rebirth) is to follow the three paths suggested by him. They are
  • Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga

I do not go into these various Yogas in details. It is sufficient to say that Karma means do you duty without expecting any fruits (as we normally understand); while Gyan and Bharkti Yogas indicate the Knowledge and surrender to God are the paths to reach God.

How I reached to Bhagavad-Gita

Till the age of 21, my only issue was to study and pass in the examinations. I did so without fail. This has resulted into an overconfident, arrogant and aggressive young man that I was in those days. In one of the final year M.Sc Class, during the discussions with friends, it was told that passing IAS is tough. I said any examination can be passed. So the bet was taken that I will pass IAS and show them.

I could not pass the IAS due to various reasons and resulted in my depression and changed my entire personality. Luckily I got a job, in a public Limited Company, and it has a very good library. As I am very fond of books and depressed, I read extensively. I started reading lot of psychological books, Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahansa writings etc and suddenly I found 4 volumes of Bhagavad-Gita by Chinmayanada, which changed my life from negative to positive frame of mind and there is no returning back from there. The first step was to resign from my existing job and go to my village for farming and then, I joined an NGO, and life went on positively.

How Bhagavad-Gita affected my life

There are lots of areas where every day one has to take decisions, which would affect you positively or negatively.  I was able to take decisions positively in the following areas.

  • If friends and relatives are in great trouble, how can you help or not help them.
  • If the corruption is prevalent in one’s office how to insulate oneself from that.
  • How to do your work without fear or favour and the best possible way.
  • How to achieve excellence in one’s own field of work.
  • How to keep smiling all the way, even in great difficulties and failures.
  • How to share your experience with others.

I did not succeed 100 % in the above areas. But I can say, I am successful in about 65- 70% of the time and I am satisfied.

So start reading Bhagavad-Gita now and follow it step by step for Success in life. Don’t wait till you retire!

What is the purpose of life

You won a marathon race and got a physical body. What is the purpose? What do you want to do?  Is there any purpose in life? Yes there is purpose in our life. See the example of a tree leaf. It provides food for the tree by combining water and nutrients from soil and sunlight from atmosphere. It contributes its might to grow the tree bit by bit season by season. When it becomes old, the leaf falls and becomes fertilizer. The young leaves start all over again.

Similarly, we are born for a purpose. The purpose is to make our contribution to the society or the world that bit so that it would take one step ahead. Your contribution is that one step. If you are not born or refuse to contribute to the world, nothing would happen to the world. Some other leaf would help the tree to grow; nothing would happen to the tree. That is why the best example is to follow the tree. So, if you are a sweeper, sweep the best way possible, so that the owners would be happy. If you are an engineer, construct a strong dam so that people can drink water for generations. That is your contribution and that is your purpose.


Follow the Tree

A tree gives fruits, shade in heat, shelter for birds, takes Carbon Dioxide and gives Oxygen and when the leaves become old and dry, they become fertiliser and when the tree is old the timber is used for housing etc by others.

What does it want in return—- Nothing! It just lives its life by making food from soil and sunlight.

Live life the natural way. Let others benefit from your life.

Who am I?

We all know that the question of who are we and the purpose of one’s life is always in discussion. There is no one solution. Let us try to understand step by step.

Who are we?

 Marathon Race:

Let us assume that we participated in a marathon race consisting of 10 million people. Only one person wins the race. What he will get? He may get a prize/ money/ name etc.

A similar race had taken place when we were conceived. Out of 10 million sperms, one sperm reaches the egg and impregnates. Only strong, healthy and fast sperm can win the race and get the prize of physical body and all the remaining go waste. So, the physical body we get is unique and nobody will get the same again or got earlier. This physical body may be human, animal, bird or any living physical body.

Thus, we are that unique strong sperm that got the physical body. Based on the mother side chromosome, we may be either male or female species. This is scientific explanation. The sperm which gets the body has achieved its purpose and just watches everything happening in life. We may call it I / Me / We. When the body reaches old age due to which it cannot do its purpose, the life leaves the body as the body has no further use.

The sperm that got the physical body is life or I / Me / We. Nature (GOD) has given a mini computer to all living things including ants, birds, animals and Humans. The computer for other living creatures is for very limited purposes like eating, defending, and procreating etc. However, the computer that is given to human beings is far wider purposes. The mind for the humans is very high super computer with all the ingredients. That is why, humans could control all living creatures, and can fly, swim and go to moon and come back. The physical body consists of five senses, which gather the data.  Nerves carry the information to the Mind, and the Mind does the preliminary analysis and sends the information to Super-Ego for detailed interpretation and advice. This supercomputer will be exclusive use of individual and it dies the moment life leaves the body.

The most important point is to remember that the body is very important and it is our duty to keep the body clean and healthy and operational, else, the life would go away. We should remember that we got this body after running a major marathon race and we should keep it as long and as healthy as possible. The “life or the sperm” that got the physical body is like house owner. He simply stays in the house and operates with the physical body. If the physical body is not working efficiently, it leaves in search of another body, if at all it gets the chance to get one.

The general religious books indicate that we should respect our” life” as God and there is no death to life and it occupies different bodies like we change our old clothes when they become unusable.It is not as simple as that. Even if you agree that the life can take different forms after death in to a new body, it has to run a marathon again if you have to get a physical body and you are not sure what you get if you get at all. So keep the existing body as healthy as possible to run for more time